I’ve been a busy girl

I’ve been very busy since I last posted any blog updates.

I completed Race for Life & even did a bit of jogging (who’d have thought it), I’ve had a weeks worth of radiotherapy on my hips & pelvis to help reduce the pain I sometimes have & I’ve had my fifth chemo!

I thoroughly enjoyed Race for Life (I put it down to having an amazing friend by my side the whole way) & we completed it in just over 45mins. We both enjoyed it do much we have agreed to do it next year & signed up for the local hospice’s midnight walk in September. It gave me such a buzz to think that the money I had raised can help others suffering from this terrible disease.

Now onto my radiotherapy. I really didn’t know what to expect from it. Would it hurt? What would the machine look like? Etc. I’ve got to admit it doesn’t disappoint. You know when you watch those alien abduction programmes & they describe the lights on the ceiling & the scanners & things they use? It is just like that! It felt so surreal & so I had even coverage, they had to raise the bed so the machine could be moved underneath me. I swear if I’d put my hands up I would have been touching the ceiling. It was ridiculous!

Well that’s me done for today. Hoping for a better night sleep after only having an hours sleep last night (steroids, need I say anymore?).

See you soon



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