Apparently, I’m completely mad!

So today, in a break with tradition, I went on my first study visit for my photography degree. It’s fair to say that the past 2 days haven’t been my best. I’ve been suffereing the side effects from my filgrastin injections (they simulate bone marrow to produce white blood cells) and I could have slept for England but I was determined to go.

I found it pretty easy getting there and finding the meeting place and was enjoying meeting fellow students (this was the first time even though I have been with the OCA for 2 years). It was when we started to walk around and chat to people that I got the “looks”. One lady asked if I had gone through the same as her, which I said yes and she asked when I had finished my chemo. I explained that I had one to go and my last was on Tuesday, to say she was surprised is a bit of an overstatement. She couldn’t believe that I was able to pull myself together enough to come. I just shrugged it off and said that I had been looking forward to coming. She seemed impressed and we continued on.

Later, the discussion of what modules we were doing came up. Most were doing photography modules and had spent the last year completing one. It was then my turn, again I just made a passing comment that I was doing 2 modules and again jaws dropped. How the hell do you do that? Isn’t it stressful? Again, I just shrugged it off, I’m so used to doing both it never crossed my mind that it was a lot. 

It was at lunch that everyone came to the conclusion that I was completely mad. We were discussing families (majority had older children) and then I was asked. I was honest, I have a 3 year old and a 1 year old. “Bloody hell!” was the response. 

Once the day was over and I was sitting on the train home, I started to think about and it suddenly dawned on me how much I did have on. It had never occurred to me, it was just day to day life. I must admit, I like to keep busy and just take each day as it comes. It did occur to me to perhaps slow down a little but I’m happy as I am. 


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