Ready world, here I come!


Well this morning I have woken up feeling on top of the world. The blood transfusion seems to have kicked in and I went for a lovely afternoon tea with the girls. We all had such a great time and I can’t remember the last time I laughed that much.

I feel so excited this morning about getting started on a few things like losing the weight I’ve put on, planning things to do with family and friends, getting my coursework done and doing a few things for my business.

Exciting times ahead I think ­čśŐ


There’s never a dull moment

Well, I’ve got to admit it’s been an interesting week.

Tuesday I had my CT planning scan ready to start radiotherapy in September. I was also fitted for a chin strap to hold my chin up so my jaw doesn’t catch any of the radiation. I know what you all must be thinking, cancer treatment is so glamorous.It feels like I can’t be trusted to hold my own chin up. It’s like in A&E where they put the bed rail up to stop you falling out (not sure how I’ve managed all the life but never mind).

Wednesday, after feeling very tired, spaced out and light headed during the week, I decided to give the Chemo Unit a call to discuss it. Following that call, I had to go in and have a blood test done. It came back that I was anaemic and needed a blood transfusion. Fortunately for me, there was a space free the next day to go in.

So Thursday, I had another day trip to the Chemo Unit to have 2 bags of blood. This is usually takes about 4 hours, which is a very long time when you are just sat there. I usually take coursework (but didn’t have any) so I took a couple of books and a magazine. They also have a TV however it is usually muted with subtitles (which becomes a bit of a pain if you miss a bit).

Today, I am beginning to feel a little better although the kids are playing up and we have our new puppy Elsa, which also needs training, so things at home are pretty kaotic. I am, however looking forward to going to afternoon tea tomorrow with a few of my friends to celebrate finishing my chemo. It will be nice to have a catch up with them and be able to relax a bit too.

Lastly, as promised, I have posted a couple of photos of my hair. I was really surprised to see it starting to grow back, considering I am still losing my eyelashes. To all those wondering, the only advise I can offer is that when I am at home, I tend to leave my head uncovered and I use Johnson’s baby shampoo. Not sure if either have helped but it might be worth a go.

Anyway, I’m signing off now so I can have a relaxing (or as close to relaxing) evening with my hubby and my new puppy.





I’m back

Well it’s over a week since I last posted so I thought, I’d give you a quick update.

I was able to leave hospital on Thursday with oral antibiotics which I’m due to finish tomorrow. It’s always strange when I leave hospital as there is so much to catch up on and get done so I can get up to speed. I always find that something has changed at home i.e. something has been moved and I can’t for the life of me find it.

I also held my first Strawberry tea over the weekend, rasing money for Breast Cancer Care, I was really pleased as I was able to raise ┬ú112.85 and it was a great opportunity to catch up with friends and family. I’m still having to eat cake now, warm chocolate fudge cake with squirty cream to be precise (I know what you are thinking, the things we have to do eh?)

Tomorrow (as I was in hospital last week) I have my planning scan for my radiotherapy which will start next month. As I have already had it on my hips, I wasn’t feeling too nervous until they told me that they have to make a mould of my chin ready so a holder can be made ready for me when I start radiotherapy (apparently I can’t be trusted to stay in place for 2 minutes).

I will also post a photo later in the week and show you my hair. It has been growing back for about a month now and it’s nearly 1cm long. I know that propably doesn’t sound like much but considerinng I was told it would start growing until about a month after chemo, I’m really impressed. My eyelashes are still falling out and my eyebrows are still thinning which I find a little strange but never mind.

See you soon



It’s all just a little bit of history repeating

Well it’s been nearly a week since I last posted & I was hoping I would be able to put on something on about how well I’m doing post chemo. However, after making sure I rested plenty & took it easy while I recovered from my last chemo, there were 2 things I had not added to the equation, MY CHILDREN. My beautiful, lurgy carrying children. I often wonder how children find it hard to share toys & sweets but can quite easily share mud pies, snot & germs, but I’m digressing slightly.

Yesterday, I woke up feeling better then I had for a few days & was starting to feel as though I’d got over the worse of the side effects but as the morning wore on I began to feel very tired & my hips & knees were aching. I took my temperature & it was 37.7 (not a particularly great start). I thought that if I could just have some lunch & a drink I should feel better. Once I’d had them, I checked again, it was now 38.4. With this in mind I thought I’d go & lie down to see if that helped. It did to a point but not enough. To spare the boring details, I’ll admit, I did drag it out as long as I could but I had to face reality. I could only walk holding onto something & even standing up was exhausting. It was time to head to a&e.

When I arrived it was very different to my previous trips (let’s be honest, I’ve had a lot of experience). For starters, I was allowed to wait in the waiting room (normally I’m rushed off behind the scenes in case of germs) & it seemed a lot quieter. I was moved to a room quite quickly & then it was time for my favourite game “cannula roulette”. After trying explain to the doctor the best place to cannulate me & 3 attempts, it was in.

It was then another waiting game to be told the inevitable, “you are neutropenic & you will need to stay in”. I was gutted to say the least. I didn’t want to stay in & it was why I had tried to put it off as long as I could before.

So here I am, on the ward for another few days. Hopefully though, this will be the last time for hopefully a very long time.


The end is near

Well, tomorrow I am having my last chemo session. I can’t believe how quickly the last 16 weeks have gone. It seems┬álike only yesterday I was preparing myself for my first session and worried about how it would affect me. Well after 2 admissions to hospital, so many trips to a&e that I’ve lost count and a blood tranfusion, I can honestly say it has been a pretty tough journey. I have had some highs and lows over the past few months but I feel I have learnt a lot about myself and grown as a person.┬á

Some of my highs included

  • completing Race for Life
  • deciding to get a puppy
  • had my first experience of radiotherapy and it wasn’t being too bad
  • reconnecting with old friends
  • realising who my real friends were
  • meeting some incredible new people through the chemo unit and on Facecbook
  • being able to get back into my coursework
  • seeing all the incredible support I have received from family and my Facebook friends (including Breast Cancer Buddies UK and UK Breast Cancer Support Page)
  • realising I am a lot stronger then I thought I was
  • being dress ready for the whole of summer (and I can honestly say I am not looking forward to having to start buying razors again)

Some of my lows included

  • feeling so ill and tired and wondering why I was doing this to myself
  • finally losing my hair
  • feeling incredibly lonely at times and being ignored by some friends
  • the seemingly endless trips to a&e and the hospital admissions
  • Cannulas and blood tests! I could make up a dot to dot with my arm