The end is near

Well, tomorrow I am having my last chemo session. I can’t believe how quickly the last 16 weeks have gone. It seems like only yesterday I was preparing myself for my first session and worried about how it would affect me. Well after 2 admissions to hospital, so many trips to a&e that I’ve lost count and a blood tranfusion, I can honestly say it has been a pretty tough journey. I have had some highs and lows over the past few months but I feel I have learnt a lot about myself and grown as a person. 

Some of my highs included

  • completing Race for Life
  • deciding to get a puppy
  • had my first experience of radiotherapy and it wasn’t being too bad
  • reconnecting with old friends
  • realising who my real friends were
  • meeting some incredible new people through the chemo unit and on Facecbook
  • being able to get back into my coursework
  • seeing all the incredible support I have received from family and my Facebook friends (including Breast Cancer Buddies UK and UK Breast Cancer Support Page)
  • realising I am a lot stronger then I thought I was
  • being dress ready for the whole of summer (and I can honestly say I am not looking forward to having to start buying razors again)

Some of my lows included

  • feeling so ill and tired and wondering why I was doing this to myself
  • finally losing my hair
  • feeling incredibly lonely at times and being ignored by some friends
  • the seemingly endless trips to a&e and the hospital admissions
  • Cannulas and blood tests! I could make up a dot to dot with my arm

One thought on “The end is near

  1. Congratulations on reaching the end, and on compiling a long ‘highs’ and a short ‘lows’ list! I’m now 5 weeks into a 24 week chemo programme, counting the weeks, so thanks for the inspiration and best wishes for a chemo-free future.X


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