There’s never a dull moment

Well, I’ve got to admit it’s been an interesting week.

Tuesday I had my CT planning scan ready to start radiotherapy in September. I was also fitted for a chin strap to hold my chin up so my jaw doesn’t catch any of the radiation. I know what you all must be thinking, cancer treatment is so glamorous.It feels like I can’t be trusted to hold my own chin up. It’s like in A&E where they put the bed rail up to stop you falling out (not sure how I’ve managed all the life but never mind).

Wednesday, after feeling very tired, spaced out and light headed during the week, I decided to give the Chemo Unit a call to discuss it. Following that call, I had to go in and have a blood test done. It came back that I was anaemic and needed a blood transfusion. Fortunately for me, there was a space free the next day to go in.

So Thursday, I had another day trip to the Chemo Unit to have 2 bags of blood. This is usually takes about 4 hours, which is a very long time when you are just sat there. I usually take coursework (but didn’t have any) so I took a couple of books and a magazine. They also have a TV however it is usually muted with subtitles (which becomes a bit of a pain if you miss a bit).

Today, I am beginning to feel a little better although the kids are playing up and we have our new puppy Elsa, which also needs training, so things at home are pretty kaotic. I am, however looking forward to going to afternoon tea tomorrow with a few of my friends to celebrate finishing my chemo. It will be nice to have a catch up with them and be able to relax a bit too.

Lastly, as promised, I have posted a couple of photos of my hair. I was really surprised to see it starting to grow back, considering I am still losing my eyelashes. To all those wondering, the only advise I can offer is that when I am at home, I tend to leave my head uncovered and I use Johnson’s baby shampoo. Not sure if either have helped but it might be worth a go.

Anyway, I’m signing off now so I can have a relaxing (or as close to relaxing) evening with my hubby and my new puppy.






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