The start of something new

Well I’ve got a couple more things to report today.

On Saturday I completed the 10k Midnight Walk for Katharine House Hospice. My friend Kate & I dressed up as cowgirls to take part. It was amazing to take part & walk that far. However the next day I was really feeling it. Obviously my hips & pelvis are already weak & most of Sunday afternoon they were aching so badly I was finding it hard to walk without support.

I’m feeling a lot better today though & ready for my first radiotherapy on my chest. As I’ve said before, it’s ever so glamorous but it’s helping to fight the little b*****d so it’s worth it. I have to go to New Cross Monday to Friday for the next 4 weeks which is a bit of pain (it’s a 45min drive each way & I’m only there for about 10mins) but it will hopefully fly by.

So I’d better head off but I’ll leave you with a photo from Saturday night



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