I’m going to open my own chemists!

Well it turns out after 48hrs on Penicillin, I didn’t have tonsillitis, I had sinusitis. This also meant new drugs. The doctor did try to sympathise with me and my situation so instead of just antibiotics, I was given steroids as well to help perk me up & encourage me to eat something.

So off I went for my second trip to the chemists this week to collect my latest prescription. I got in and was greeted by the pharmacist

“In again?”
“You know how much I love my prescriptions” I replied

I handed in my form and began the lovely wait for my drugs. I then got

“I saw your other prescription, it should be ready in 8-10 days”
“Great!” I replied with a grimace (c’mon what else was I going to say?)
The cashier just couldn’t help herself though “Another prescription?”
“Yes, just for my compression sleeves” Oh yes, Lymphedema has decided to join the party (evidently my left arm felt it wasn’t getting enough attention)

So I get my new drugs and head off. I am currently taking 14 tablets a day, that’s not including any co-codemol that I might need to take if my hips hurt.

So if anyone is in need, I’ve got plenty 😊

(Sadly in this day & age I suppose I’d better add a disclaimer before everyone freaks out. I am NOT really offering out my drugs. You can bugger off! I’ve spent hours in waiting rooms & chemists, I don’t plan doing it again for at least a month)


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