Can we ever feel like we’ve got off lightly?

On one of the Facebook pages I follow, woman was expressing her disappointed in having her radiotherapy delayed from Thursday to the following Monday. As someone who has experienced this, I suggested that she look at it from the perspective that at least she can be delayed & that I often felt, after speaking to other patients, that I had got off lightly. Although the woman in question agreed, it became quite a strong talking point. One woman saying that because we have all had cancer we should never feel as though we have got off lightly.

Throughout my treatment I have tried my best to stay positive & have been very humbled by some people. The people that struck me the most were the ones I met in chemo. One man had had 18 months worth of chemo only to be told it hadn’t worked as effectively so he would have to have it for the rest of his life & another who had to go in every 2 weeks for blood transfusions.

This can be transferred to many different areas of our lives. I completely agree with the idea that “everyone is entitled to their own opinion” but isn’t it better to look at things from the glass is half full perspective then the half empty perspective?


3 thoughts on “Can we ever feel like we’ve got off lightly?

  1. I couldn’t agree more – there’s always someone worse off than me in the chemo clinics and there’s usually a reason to look on the bright side of cancer treatment. But I can see the other side too – sometimes it’s very difficult not to look from the half-empty perspective…


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