Cancer stereotypes

So the morning post has arrived & I start to go through. The usual stuff then I come across a letter from Breast Cancer Care. I assume it is just a generic letter asking me to donate but I open it anyway.

Just as thought, it asks you to donate. However, this was a little different. It was about a man’s effort to raise £50,000 by Christmas Eve. With it there was a letter explaining his wife had secondary Cancer & had done lots to raise money for Breast Cancer Care. What resonated the most with me was when he said “he was watching his wife die in front of him”. As someone who has secondary breast cancer, I really don’t like the thought that my family is watching me die or that I am just waiting to die. I have no idea how long I have, the oncologist has never put a limit on it. I’d like to think I’ll be here for quite awhile, maybe I’ll become a medical marvel? I’ve been in the extremely small percentage in getting this type of cancer at my age and the treatment I have received has worked better then expected so maybe I’m going to live for another 50 years (benefits of being the exception to the rule I guess).

I know they have to use shock tactics to get people to donate & if you can donate, please do. However I hate seeing this stereotype of people with cancer! The Macmillan advert is the worse, believe me I have seen a chemo unit that empty & sad. There are TV’s, comfy chairs, the most incredible people to chat to (fellow patients) & lovely staff who sit with you to chat & make you a lovely cuppa.


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