My appointments etc….

As I’m sure you can imagine I have lots of different appointments to keep up with & when explaining to other people it can become a little complicated. So I thought I’d begin by going through the various appointments I have & then go into detail each week about what I’m having or attending.

  • Every 3 weeks I have Herceptin (by injection given over 5 minutes) &  Perjeta (given intravenously over an hour). The nurse comes out to me for these & usually spends about 3hrs with me as they have to also monitor me once they have given me the drugs. They also come out to me the day before to take bloods to make sure I am well enough for the treatment.
  • Every 4 weeks I have denosumab (by injection) which is a bone strengthened. The nurse, again, comes out to me but is only usually with me for about half an hour. With this treatment the nurse also comes to me the day to take blood 
  • Every 8 weeks I go to see my oncologist to discuss how I am, give me any results & make sure I am aware of what is happening next
  • Every 3 months I have a CT scan to check my head, chest & abdomen to see if there has been any further spread. 
  • Every 3 months I also have an echocardiogram to check for any heart irregularities which are a potential side effect from my Herceptin. 
  • Every 6 months I visit my breast care consultant for a check up.
  • Every 12 months I have a mammogram & ultrasound scan to monitor for any tumours or irregularities

Surgery- a week on

Yesterday the nurse came take some blood and flush my new port with a saline solution to make sure it was working ok following the surgery. 

Although I am still very bruised & sore the nurse was able to locate, albeit with a bit of feeling about, the port and successfully take my blood. After this he flushed the port with a saline solution and then filled it with Heparin to prevent my blood from clotting as the tube connected to the port goes directly into a vein. 

Like I said before, I am still feeling a little sore & bruised but I’ve been assured that the wound is healing well and there is very little bruising.

Here is a photo of my latest scar 😀

Post-op update

Well the operation went well & although there were some moments where my blood pressure kept dropping I was able to come home.

Still feeling the affects of the anaesthetic but hoping they will wear off soon. The plan is to have the dressing changed on Monday & having a saline solution run through it on Thursday.

Sadly, due to things going on at home as well, we’ve had to cancel our trip to Manchester but we’re hoping to rearrange it once things calm down again.
Here is my war wound


Pre-op update

So I’m preparing for my port to be fitted tomorrow morning & it will be done under a general anaesthetic so this means after midnight
– no food
– no bright lights
– no water

Oh no wait! That’s something else.

I’m just not allowed to eat after midnight & drink only water up to 7am. Sounds easy enough however I’m not a great lover of plain water & I’m a little put off the idea of having to arrive at hospital for 7:30. Hey, maybe I will resemble a gremlin in the morning if I don’t follow the rules?! Anyway, this time tomorrow it will all be over & I won’t have to be cannulated every 3 weeks!

So I’ll let you all know how I get on 😀

2 out of 3 ain’t bad

Well today was treatment day & sadly I have only been able to have 2 of my 3 treatments. My Herceptin & denosumab are both given as injections, however my Perjeta is given intravenously. This means having a cannula put in. It is usually difficult as I have small veins (side effect from chemo) but they manage. Today, after 4 attempts they were still unable to cannulate me so treatment had to be abandoned & rearranged for next week. Here is how my right hand is looking at the moment. But I assume the bruise on the inside of my wrist might get a bit bigger



The nurses are also requesting a port to be put in so they do not have to cannulate me & it also makes it easier to take blood. If I’m honest, I have never heard of a port so I decided to research them. Here is an article for those who are interested