2 out of 3 ain’t bad

Well today was treatment day & sadly I have only been able to have 2 of my 3 treatments. My Herceptin & denosumab are both given as injections, however my Perjeta is given intravenously. This means having a cannula put in. It is usually difficult as I have small veins (side effect from chemo) but they manage. Today, after 4 attempts they were still unable to cannulate me so treatment had to be abandoned & rearranged for next week. Here is how my right hand is looking at the moment. But I assume the bruise on the inside of my wrist might get a bit bigger



The nurses are also requesting a port to be put in so they do not have to cannulate me & it also makes it easier to take blood. If I’m honest, I have never heard of a port so I decided to research them. Here is an article for those who are interested


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