Pre-op update

So I’m preparing for my port to be fitted tomorrow morning & it will be done under a general anaesthetic so this means after midnight
– no food
– no bright lights
– no water

Oh no wait! That’s something else.

I’m just not allowed to eat after midnight & drink only water up to 7am. Sounds easy enough however I’m not a great lover of plain water & I’m a little put off the idea of having to arrive at hospital for 7:30. Hey, maybe I will resemble a gremlin in the morning if I don’t follow the rules?! Anyway, this time tomorrow it will all be over & I won’t have to be cannulated every 3 weeks!

So I’ll let you all know how I get on 😀


2 thoughts on “Pre-op update

  1. Best of luck with your port insertion! It is great that you’ll be under general anaesthetic—at my hospital you just get topical freezing and a little “something” intravenously to calm you (it didn’t calm me!). After it was placed, it just took a couple of days and I didn’t feel it anymore. Just keep a bandage on it to remind your three-year-old not to knock you there for a while, since it’ll be tender. Keep up your fantastic attitude!

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