I got the job!

After completing 2 work trials, I have been offered a job! And more impressive was the fact that the two places were fighting over me (which I can’t complain about, it’s quite nice to be in demand)

On the otherhand though, I have an a cold which started over the weekend and has now developed into a chest infection. Fortunately, I have already been to the doctors and picked up a prescription. So by the time I start my job on Saturday (yes this Saturday) I should be feeling a bit better. Isn’t it always the way that as soon as something is about to start, be it a job or holiday, you always get ill? I’ve been off work for ages and when I started getting interviews, I get a bloody cold! Oh well.

It’s going to be strange starting work again and coping with everything else that is going on such as my family, coursework, treatment etc but I’m sure it will be fine once I get into a routine.

Well, here is to the next chapter!


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