But you only work part time!

Recently, I have been feeling quite tired and seriously lacking energy. I am still adjusting to working life and in a pysically challenging job however, I still have people wondering why I am so tired and getting upset, stressed or worried about the little things because at the end of the day, I only work part time.

Yet people so easily forget.

I am a mum of 2 young children (4years and 2years), I have a house to run (cooking, washing, shopping etc), I am working towards a degree, I work (only part time mind you) and there was something else…… oh yes, my everyday battle with cancer! I know I look well and, after a cup of tea, I am a fully functioning member of society but I still have to take around 8 tablets a day, be injected every 3 weeks with 2 types of drugs and every 4 weeks with another type of drug. My body is constantly fighting, constantly working with and, at times, against the cocktail of drugs being pumped into me. I have a weakened immune system because of all of this too as my body cannot recover as quickly as it use to.

Sadly this problem affects everyone who has an invisible illness. So next time you feel the need to berate someone who “only works part time”, think about the reasons behind it. Are they ill? Do they have other commitments?

Don’t ever assume that part timers are the lucky ones.


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