The results are in! 

This morning I went into the hospital to see my oncologist & get the results of my bone scan. 

The results were good & there is no significant growth in any of my bones. There is a dot on my spine which will need a further MRI scan to identify exactly what it is but that is all. In light of the changes in my blood (an elevated cancer marker), the oncologist has decided to change my medication from Tamoxifen to Letrozole & Zoladex. This combination should suppress some of the hormones which my cancer feeds on. I have included some links below if anyone is interested in learning a little more about them.


Radioactive Woman! 

Today I have visited the hospital for a bone scan. 

Unlike most scans, which are over pretty quickly, a bone scan usually takes up a whole afternoon.

I arrived at the hospital around 12:30 for the first part of my scan. The normal procedure, due to my age, is a pregnancy test and then I was given an injection that is radioactive to highlight particular areas in my bones. After this, I am free for around 3hrs as this gives the injection time to work its way around my body. 

So I wasn’t hanging around the hospital all afternoon I arranged to go Christmas shopping with my sister (she also came to the hospital with me).

After some lunch and a good bit of shopping, we headed back to the hospital for the second part of my scan. This is where I have the actual scan. I am required to lie down and stay perfectly still for half an hour while the camera scans over my body, this is then followed by some more shorter scans to cover any parts of interest or that haven’t taken very well. 

With all that done, it was time to head home. However, I am still radioactive and cannot have any prolonged contact with my babies until tomorrow afternoon 😔

Am due to results next Wednesday so I’ll keep you all up to date. 

In the meantime here is a couple of videos explaining the process