No Pain, no gain

Sorry it’s been awhile and sorry that I seem to start most of my posts like this.

The results from my recent scans have come back to say there has been no further spread, which is always welcome news, however it didn’t explain why I am having pain in what is supposed to be my good hip. My CA-15 (tumour marker but also shows other things) keeps going up and down, so my oncologist suggested a weeks course of radiotherapy for pain relief and to blast anything that might be thinking my right hip would make a good home.

This was all a few weeks ago so after a preparation scan and a little holiday to Suffolk, I am now 2 out of 5 treatments of radiotherapy down and feeling it! Due to the hubby’s work commitments and my 2 little monkeys, strong pain relief is out of the question. I am relying on Nurofen joint pain and crutches (could have  done with them last time however they weren’t available from the hospital. Got myself a really cool pair that are pink with a pretty flower pattern, but I’m digressing slightly).


My cool crutches

The one thing that surprised me was that changes in self-care when having radiotherapy. For instance, when I had it a couple of years ago, we were told to liberally apply aqueous cream however now I am to only use Simple shower gel when washing and no cream until after the treatment has finished as it can create too much of a barrier and the therapy could be less effective.

Here is a link for anyone who is interested in finding out more about radiotherapy for pain relief (

So that’s me all up to date and included one of the many photos from my holiday Photo 04-08-2016, 1 35 41 pm




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