Maybe fourth time lucky?

Yesterday the nurse came out to take bloods ready for my demosumab (bone strengthener) injection today. Sadly when I was expecting the nurse to arrive, I got a phone call telling me that the calcium levels in my blood are too low so I won’t be able to have treatment.

It’s been 8 weeks since I last had this injection and I am due it every 4 weeks. The oncologist has told me to increase my calcium intake so instead of 4 tablets daily, I now have to have 6. Hopefully, when they come next week to take blood ready for my Herceptin and Perjeta, my calcium should be high enough to have the demosumab.

On a bright note my chest infection is clearing up and, although I am quite tired, my new job is going really well.

I’ll let you know how I get on next week (please keep your fingers crossed for me on Monday)


I got the job!

After completing 2 work trials, I have been offered a job! And more impressive was the fact that the two places were fighting over me (which I can’t complain about, it’s quite nice to be in demand)

On the otherhand though, I have an a cold which started over the weekend and has now developed into a chest infection. Fortunately, I have already been to the doctors and picked up a prescription. So by the time I start my job on Saturday (yes this Saturday) I should be feeling a bit better. Isn’t it always the way that as soon as something is about to start, be it a job or holiday, you always get ill? I’ve been off work for ages and when I started getting interviews, I get a bloody cold! Oh well.

It’s going to be strange starting work again and coping with everything else that is going on such as my family, coursework, treatment etc but I’m sure it will be fine once I get into a routine.

Well, here is to the next chapter!

New Starts

Over the past week I have been feeling a little down, maybe it’s just the time of year, however after Boxing Day I have started to feel a lot better.

I am now looking forward to the new year and planning plenty of things to do with family and friends. At the start of 2014, I thought this was the year that things were going to happen i.e. I was going to build up my business, I wanted to do a lot of things with my family and all this was put on hold when I was diagnosed. Back then I felt so lost and had no idea what the future held for me. Nearly a year on, I’m still a little unsure but I’m going to get on regardless.

Although 2014 was pretty rubbish (my diagnosis has put a bit of a black cloud over things) there has been so many great things have happened too, such as

  • Meeting the Backstreet Boys (Sorry I’m going to keep going on about that for some time still)
  • reconnecting with old friends and made lots more
  • completed the Race for Life and the Midnight Walk for Katharine House Hospice
  • I’ve completed 2 modules towards my degree
  • been on some lovely trips away with my family
  • Raised lots of money for charity
  • had a few interesting adventures

Make a difference today

Please can you take a moment to sign the petition below so secondary breast cancer is made a priority. Each year around 12,000 people die from it.

This is what I am currently fighting & I’d like to know that it is given some priority.

It is so easy to do, you could do it while you wait for the kettle to boil or while you are waiting outside the school gates but it will make such a huge difference.

Thank you

Can we ever feel like we’ve got off lightly?

On one of the Facebook pages I follow, woman was expressing her disappointed in having her radiotherapy delayed from Thursday to the following Monday. As someone who has experienced this, I suggested that she look at it from the perspective that at least she can be delayed & that I often felt, after speaking to other patients, that I had got off lightly. Although the woman in question agreed, it became quite a strong talking point. One woman saying that because we have all had cancer we should never feel as though we have got off lightly.

Throughout my treatment I have tried my best to stay positive & have been very humbled by some people. The people that struck me the most were the ones I met in chemo. One man had had 18 months worth of chemo only to be told it hadn’t worked as effectively so he would have to have it for the rest of his life & another who had to go in every 2 weeks for blood transfusions.

This can be transferred to many different areas of our lives. I completely agree with the idea that “everyone is entitled to their own opinion” but isn’t it better to look at things from the glass is half full perspective then the half empty perspective?

An open letter to Lynda Bellingham

While looking at BBC news this morning I came across this article about Lynda Bellingham. Lynda was diagnosed with colon cancer in July 2013 which has now spread to her lungs and liver. She has now made the decision to stop treatment in November.

I think this is a very courageous decision, as I for one am only too aware of the, sometimes, horrendous side effects treatment can have on you. Although my diagnosis is nowhere near as bad as Lynda’s, I can completely empathise with her situation. Why would anyone want to live out their last days being subjected to treatment that weakens you so much?

Although I have only had chemotherapy for a short period of time (6 sessions over 4 months) I suffered terribly and was admitted into hospital 3 times. I also feel I missed so much time with my husband and 2 young children.

I have vague memories of Lynda in the Oxo adverts but remember how much I enjoyed watching her on loose women. Lynda is such an inspirational and brave woman. As I said before, her decision is very courageous and it could not have been an easy one. However, I wish her all the best and I hope that she will be able to enjoy her last days with her family and at least be able to put this awful illness to the back of her mind.

Halfway point

Hi everyone

Fear not, I haven’t forgotten you all. Been so busy lately & the radiotherapy is starting to tire me out.

Radiotherapy is going relatively well. I’ve reached the halfway mark and my skin is fairing well. Only problem is that the radiotherapy has caused me to have a very sore throat. I’ve been given so medication & some special mouthwash that should help.

On a brighter note, I’ve started using a special shampoo & conditioner called FAST. It’s supposed to stimulate the hair to grow quicker. I must admit I was slightly sceptical of it but after reading numerous reviews (all of which were good) I thought I’d give it a go.

I’ve probably been using it for a week & so far there has been some improvement. So I have decided to post a couple photos of hair as it is today & then I post another set in around 4 weeks time so you can help me to decide whether it is working.