Hair and Race for Life!

So yesterday was a fairly busy day.

Firstly I had a hair appointment, which I was very excited about as I could actually choose the style (what I had been going for before or a bob cut). It is lovely to be able to have the option, usually I just have it styled to help grow it out so I opted for a bob cut. It’s still a little short in place but as soon as the hairdresser put in the fringe, it looked perfect and I am so happy with it. I also captured some photos to show you all.


Secondly, I completed my 3rd Race for Life with my friend Kate and her daughter Megan. To say I was nervous, was an understatement, I was petrified! My idea to train and prepare myself went out of the window so I was really unprepared. However, we managed to get round in 49 minutes (Megan in 35 mins) and 24 hours later, I’m still here. My legs are really aching though and I was so tired I had to have a nap. So here is a photo of us just before we started (there is a photo as we crossed the finish line but it is not glamorous)

Well, that’s all to update at the moment. I’m off to get my 5th assignment ready to send off (hopefully this evening)



Race for Life 2015

Well it’s official, I’ll be taking part in Race for Life again this year. I enjoyed it so much last year & will be taking part with my amazing friend Kate again (we might even break into a run again!)

This also marks the beginning of another year of fundraising again. Last year I managed to raise around £800 for charities such as Breast Cancer Care, Cancer Research, Macmillan Cancer Care & Katharine House Hospice. I would love to be able to do the same again.

So here’s to another year of telling cancer where to go!

New Starts

Over the past week I have been feeling a little down, maybe it’s just the time of year, however after Boxing Day I have started to feel a lot better.

I am now looking forward to the new year and planning plenty of things to do with family and friends. At the start of 2014, I thought this was the year that things were going to happen i.e. I was going to build up my business, I wanted to do a lot of things with my family and all this was put on hold when I was diagnosed. Back then I felt so lost and had no idea what the future held for me. Nearly a year on, I’m still a little unsure but I’m going to get on regardless.

Although 2014 was pretty rubbish (my diagnosis has put a bit of a black cloud over things) there has been so many great things have happened too, such as

  • Meeting the Backstreet Boys (Sorry I’m going to keep going on about that for some time still)
  • reconnecting with old friends and made lots more
  • completed the Race for Life and the Midnight Walk for Katharine House Hospice
  • I’ve completed 2 modules towards my degree
  • been on some lovely trips away with my family
  • Raised lots of money for charity
  • had a few interesting adventures

The end is near

Well, tomorrow I am having my last chemo session. I can’t believe how quickly the last 16 weeks have gone. It seems like only yesterday I was preparing myself for my first session and worried about how it would affect me. Well after 2 admissions to hospital, so many trips to a&e that I’ve lost count and a blood tranfusion, I can honestly say it has been a pretty tough journey. I have had some highs and lows over the past few months but I feel I have learnt a lot about myself and grown as a person. 

Some of my highs included

  • completing Race for Life
  • deciding to get a puppy
  • had my first experience of radiotherapy and it wasn’t being too bad
  • reconnecting with old friends
  • realising who my real friends were
  • meeting some incredible new people through the chemo unit and on Facecbook
  • being able to get back into my coursework
  • seeing all the incredible support I have received from family and my Facebook friends (including Breast Cancer Buddies UK and UK Breast Cancer Support Page)
  • realising I am a lot stronger then I thought I was
  • being dress ready for the whole of summer (and I can honestly say I am not looking forward to having to start buying razors again)

Some of my lows included

  • feeling so ill and tired and wondering why I was doing this to myself
  • finally losing my hair
  • feeling incredibly lonely at times and being ignored by some friends
  • the seemingly endless trips to a&e and the hospital admissions
  • Cannulas and blood tests! I could make up a dot to dot with my arm

I’ve been a busy girl

I’ve been very busy since I last posted any blog updates.

I completed Race for Life & even did a bit of jogging (who’d have thought it), I’ve had a weeks worth of radiotherapy on my hips & pelvis to help reduce the pain I sometimes have & I’ve had my fifth chemo!

I thoroughly enjoyed Race for Life (I put it down to having an amazing friend by my side the whole way) & we completed it in just over 45mins. We both enjoyed it do much we have agreed to do it next year & signed up for the local hospice’s midnight walk in September. It gave me such a buzz to think that the money I had raised can help others suffering from this terrible disease.

Now onto my radiotherapy. I really didn’t know what to expect from it. Would it hurt? What would the machine look like? Etc. I’ve got to admit it doesn’t disappoint. You know when you watch those alien abduction programmes & they describe the lights on the ceiling & the scanners & things they use? It is just like that! It felt so surreal & so I had even coverage, they had to raise the bed so the machine could be moved underneath me. I swear if I’d put my hands up I would have been touching the ceiling. It was ridiculous!

Well that’s me done for today. Hoping for a better night sleep after only having an hours sleep last night (steroids, need I say anymore?).

See you soon


The second chemo

Originally post around 29th May 2014

Well I have survived my second chemo and once again it involved a trip to a & e and more antibiotics. The only difference this time was that I wasn’t admitted thank goodness and according to the nurse, it isn’t appropriate to skip out of a & e with glee (shame really I was so happy to be able to go home).

On Wednesday I was due to have my third chemo (the halfway point) however the blood tests I had done came back that my blood counts were not high enough for me to safely have the chemo and given that the only other times I have had chemo I have ended up on antibiotics. I have explained to them that it is down to my children, but apparently there is nothing they can give the children to stop them from getting ill. So I am back in on Monday morning for another blood test (oh the joys) to see if I can have chemo in the afternoon.

There are some signs that the chemo is taking its toll on me. My arm, the one with all the holes in (last time I was cannulated it took 4 attempts), has started to get very sore from one of the drugs that I have to take. This is apparently perfectly normal (which is good to hear in some respects but also a pain in the backside when you are the one who has to put up with it).

So next week, I have 2 planned trips to the hospital. It sounds daft but that is actually a good week, considering they are both on the same day (I’ll be lost when the day comes when I only have to go to hospital every 3 months). However, 5 days after my chemo I will be having boosters to help with my blood count which means I have a lovely district nurse coming to visit me every day for 8 days to give them to me.

I have also had a bit of a mad moment and agreed to do Race for Life this year. Fortunately for me, I don’t have to run it (nothing to do with my inability to run, honest) due to my pelvic and hip bones.